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Morning Flower

Lucia is a fantastic multitalented healer, she commands a space with her warm and loving energy, she makes you feel safe and connected. She knows how to get you pumped up and move out of your comfort zone and also how to slow you down and put you in a state of deep relaxation. Everything I experienced with Lucia felt powerful  and transformational. 
She uses ancient techniques and clearly has a pure and deep connection to the spiritual realms. She facilities wonderfully complex and intense techniques with confidence and ease. I fully recommend Lucia to anyone looking for healing techniques, she offers an array of practices that have the potential to shift your energy and guide you towards a happier, fully connected life filled with light and love.

Brodie, London

Pink Blossom

Words cannot explain how positive and amazing my reading session went with Lucia, I’ve been committed to following my own path ever since.

Lucia is very motivating, patient and precise in her readings. It was so inspiring to know what I had within me all along, I just had to trust my own path. I received so much guidance during this session that I’ve never received anywhere else. I felt like everything I wanted to know was revealed in her visions and the card readings.

Thank you Lucia, I look forward to my future readings with you.

Priscilla, Canada

Orange Dahlia

I didn’t know what to expect when I first visited Lucia. I walked in needing to vent and work through things I had on my mind however when we met, I instantly felt so comfortable that we went beyond that. Not only did I walk away feeling a weight was off shoulders, the following day I felt light and had felt a sense of clarity. And I keep going back. 

If you’re open to the possibly, for Lucia to take you to spiritual places, to give you a new look on things, I highly recommend working with her. She has a very special approach

Hayley, London

Purple Flowers

When Lucia mentioned she did Healing i jumped to the chance to try it as i have never had it done before. I needed healing from my past and thought this may help me move forward. 

Before my healing session, my heart felt very heavy and my head was full of thoughts that i felt would be difficult to get through.

During my session I felt I was in paradigm where I was becoming attuned with myself, I loved how I felt. I was almost floating. Lucia is truly passionate and a gifted human being. I feel privileged to have met her and grateful for her soul guidance. I immediately felt lighter and could finally see clarity after my reiki. I also felt Lucia really took the time to understand how I was feeling and how I could apply techniques to work through them. I look forward to my next session.

Jaz, London

Mustard Flowers

Before my treatment I was feeling the worst despair with low mood and anxious thought patterns. These feelings added pressure and I was living in fear of the next bought of anxiety. Prior to treatment I experienced anxious periods every few weeks and sometimes even more frequent. This effected my energy, confidence and sleep.  

During the treatment I felt incredibly cared for and Lucia was dedicated to getting firstly to some of the triggers whilst also addressing unhelpful behaviours. The piece of art that she created for me was an amazing touch, and really shows how much effort is put into each individual treatment. 

Immediately after the treatment I felt light and conscious something had changed.

It’s been 2 months since my initial treatment with Lucia. Since then, I have only experienced one bought of anxiety even despite significant changes and challenges. I still call on the learnings from the session and try to change by behaviour to continue on this path.

Vicky, London

Green Plants

I have been to see Lucia for a healing session a couple of times now.

I am struck on how personal and thorough Lucia is. I always come away feeling lighter and very chilled, as though wisdom has been imparted to me.

I would highly recommend a treatment.

Jamie, London

Pink Almond Tree Flowers

I went to see Lucia for a healing session but it was more than just that. She talked to me with an incredible kindness and sweetness, both qualities were present throughout the whole session. 

During the session I realised how much weight I was carrying and Lucia helped me to get lighter and grounded. 

I will definitely be seeing Lucia again

Luisa, London

Sea Shell

Lucia’s voice is enchanting and it’s easy to relax and breath through the meditation/healing. It’s hard to describe but I had what felt like a knot in my stomach and after the healing it had gone and I felt a weight had been lifted and felt so calm

Jen, London

Image by Annie Spratt

Working with Lucia was an organic process, expertly guided by her intuition that lead to the true heart of the situation at hand. Her unique perspective allowed me to develop fresh perspective and the after effects of the session were incredibly powerful and evident within 24 hours following our session.

Ayanna, London

Pink Rose

I felt safe and secure with lucia, she held the space wonderfully, allowing us to move and feel however we wanted. Her approach is very open, there are no “you must do this but don't do this”. She knows that everyone is unique, that different things work for different people when exploring the various facets of spirituality.
I was nervous but excited at the beginning and by the end i felt like a weight had been lifted, i gained insights into things i wasn't expecting to.
The retreat bought to surface things and energy that were no longer serving me. Thank you Lucia for allowing me to move through the space freely and unjudged, like a baby in her mothers womb.

Isabella, Oxford


I met Lucia when I was going through a huge transition in my life and was feeling very vulnerable. In hindsight I’m sure it was a divine meeting and her gentle love and guidance helped ease my spirit. 

Lucia always holds space for me to explore & surrender in a safe space with love and without judgement. Her energy for me is Angelic, healing and nurturing, I always feel more clarity after our treatments and look forward to our sessions.

Zowie, London

Red Flowers

When I visited Lucia for my healing session, I was a little anxious because I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was also my first ever session.

Lucia made me feel so welcome and warm. During the session, I felt so comfortable and could feel she understood me. I even cried at some point because I could feel a part of me was getting healed after a deep realization. 

My healing session with Lucia was truly life changing, and could not thank her anymore for helping me lift a part of me that I did not know was a burden. Lucia is truly gifted and she is doing what she is meant to be doing. 

Thank you so much

Leigh-Ann, London

Green Leaves

I didn't know what to expect from our first session, but Lucia put me at ease and allowed me to open up with no judgement. You can tell that she has your best interests at heart and truly cares about helping you to understand your self and heal through the process. She is a beautiful and talented soul.

Nicole, London

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