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Yesterday someone came to visit me. He was here before I did my meditation. I sensed him. He was scared to come into the main room. Always staying in the corridor. He felt afraid and unsure. He was worried. He felt young hearted, a young man. He had blonder hair and wears a brown waistcoat with brown trousers and a brown cap. We knew one another in the year 1818. He came again this evening and was worried again. I said to him it was fine. I asked him what he wanted and if he was coming to see me he should tell me what he was here for otherwise there was no pint. He said he just wanted to be with me. I said fine he could come and sit with me and to come into the room. It took him a while and he still stayed in the corridor. Eventually he came and sat with me on the sofa. He asked me to sing for him so I did briefly. He was so afraid but eventually relaxed and now it feels fine.

I believe this was someone I knew during my life in the Victorian era. Either a young love or a friend who had feelings toward me and we didn't pursue. He was always in awe of me in that life and I of him, we were very fond of one another but I married another whom I had no connection with.

The reason we didn't pursue or marry was because he was of a lower class than mine. But we knew each tiger from childhood. He used to play in the streets.

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