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Tree energy

I am in my favourite place. In a forest surrounded by tall majestic trees. They all have green leaves on them and sway in the wind. I can hear the wind passing through them, greeting me. The trees are all in sync and I can feel their energy. They are so calm and wondering, they like to have me there and welcome me. Under me lies a patch of purple little flowers. There are many of them and they slowly blow in the wind, pointing up to the sun. I look up and see the warm sun rays coming through the trees branches above me. The rays flicker a bit as the branches of the trees move in the wind. The leaves move too, creating a lovely glistening light. I feel the warmth of the sun on me. I stand there for a few minutes. I am aware of the energy of one tree in particular. It is directly behind me, it is one that is by the little path. I go to it, as I walk down the little path and I put my hand on its trunk. As I do so, I channel it’s energy. It is very strong but feeling slightly alone, so I stand with it and look up. I tune into its energy. I am suddenly the tree, it shows me what it sees every day. People walking by down below, mostly wearing colourful rain jackets and chatting whilst they walk. Not many of them stop to look up. I did, and the trees love when this happens. They tell me it doesn’t happen often, on the contrary to what I think, not many humans can feel and talk to trees as I do. So the trees are overjoyed to have me here, hearing them. They are overjoyed because they hold decades of knowledge in them, which they want to share. They can teach us so much, they are very powerful. We could do with learning from them they say! The trees have a collective energy, and there is that of the wind which they feel, it comes and goes. And that of the sun, which gives them life. I feel the collective energies of the elements, and then I feel the elements combined all together which make the energy of the Mother Earth. It is wonderful. They are all very different and have their own characteristics.

I then return back to my human self and am standing below the tree again, looking up at it, smiling. I thank the tree for showing me this. I touch it one more time as I thank it, so that it can feel my gratitude.

I walk on, to an opening. the forest finishes, and there are fields of wheat for miles. In front of me, about 10 metres away, stands a tree. It is there on its own, it’s got a thicker trunk than the other tree I saw earlier. It’s shorter in size, and it’s branches are wriggly. The breaches have grown in the direction of the wind, which is our to the right. As I look out to the distance behind to the right of this tree there is another tree just like it. Standing alone in the middle of the wheat field. As I start to walk toward it, I am suddenly aware of pink energy that it’s branches are emitting into the air, the energy travels out into the sky, being carried by the wind. The energy I can see looks like when the eye can see hot air that radiators or hot roads emit. It has that resemblance. Except it’s pink, purple and blue. It flows out of the branches in Thin strands. It is beautiful, delicate and very very pure energy. I look at the other tree the same as this one, that stands behind it and it is emitting the same pink energy into the air. I then turn around and see that there is even more of this pink energy coming from the forest behind me, the one that I just came from. This is the pure energy of the earth. It is healing LOVE energy. The earth emits this healing energy to help the love and healing on earth. It does this all the time, for the benefit of the planet. It gives this love in the hope that it will heal and be felt. I feel it all the time, but there are people that do not. I see it, Mother Nature has chosen to show me what it looks like so that I can express it to others that do not feel it. This touches my heart so deeply and I feel it in every ounce of my body that I start to cry. My brother then appears to my left, I turn around to look at him. He smiles at me, he says you see, Mother Nature is here and she talks to you. You must listen to the messages she has for you, you must listen closer. He directs me to go closer to the tree that is in front of us. I feel a little unworthy of this, feeling that this tree in front of me is so grand that I am not sure whether I can step into its space. So I ask it. The trees energy smiles at me and tells me of course my child. So I step under the tree, as soon as I do I feel it’s powerful energy. It is strong, and older tree than the other one. It has lived through many decades. As I place my hand on its trunk, it shows me what it has seen through the years. The first thing I see is a farmer, a land worker. He is working the land just beneath the tree, where I was standing a moment ago, with a scythe. He is wearing a loose blue shirt and a farm mans flat hay hat. It is daylight and the sun is beaming down on him, he is hot and pauses to take his hat of to wipe his forehead. As he does he looks at me (the tree) and thinks that he should trim the tree down. Then the tree shows me the night, it is cool and the moon is shining, giving off a white light. A predator passes by me, looking for prey. A wolf or a fox, I can’t quite make it out. The animal can sense the tree and they can talk to one another though energy. Animals are able to do that much easier than humans can.

Finally it shows me a young man passing by the tree on a black horse, he does this route often and uses the tree as hai reference point for guidance. Every time he passes by the tree, he salutes it.

The tree tells me that there are many energies on Mother Earth, some can feel her and some cannot. But as I am one that can, I must teach others what she has to say. How she feels, and what she can give and what she is constantly giving out. I must help people find their way through the communication of Mother Earth. I am not quite sure how to do this at this point but I receive the message and thank the tree.

I go back to myself and am sanding in front of the tree, next to my brother. I look at him, he looks at me knowing I have received what he wanted me to receive. He gives me a nod. He then says, we must go, it is no longer safe here. So we both fly up, as eagles above the tree and forest. As I am up there, I see what he wanted to show me. I see the pink energy that the trees are emitting, travelling with the wind, into the air. From up high I can now truly understand and grasp how much of it there is. It is so vast. It is spreading for miles and miles, there is so much of it. I feel so overwhelmed with love seeing how much there is. It gives me joy and happiness and most of all hope. Hope for those who do not see it, knowing that it is there for them. To help them, to bring love to the earth.

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