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Symbols from Native Indian

This meditation starts with me standing in an open field in what looks like rural native Indian America. There is a slow breeze blowing and I stand facing a wood with thick green fur trees. I can see past the trees, the pink and yellow sky.

My brother comes forth, through the trees. He takes my hand and guides me through the wood. It is darker there, and I feel a little unsure as to where he is taking me. I look at him and he reassures me with a smile.

We get to the other side, there is an opening there. It is the usual opening I always see myself at during this lifetime. There is a rock that looks out to a vast opening of hills which are covered with forests. This view goes on for as long as the eye can see. This is a peaceful place for me. The light is soft, a pinkish yellow in the sky. And a soft breeze.

My brother stands in front of me, we face one another and he looks into my eyes. He pauses there for a while. All the way I am asking myself what he has bought me here for. I know I am waiting for him to tell me something.

He then puts his arm out, he is hiding something in his hand which is clasped closed. I hold my palm out so that he can place it there. It is a small stone. It is greyish and has a smooth texture. I look at it and ask him why is he showing me this?

He looks back and doesn’t answer, just smiles. I know that this means I am to come to the answer myself.

He then starts to walk away, and I remain there still with my palm open and the stone in it. I am so confused.

I watch him walk away, back into the wood, the same way we came from. As he starts to disappear behind the foliage, he turns around and looks at me. He pauses, and smiles at me. Then turns and continues walking away, into the wood.

I remain there, thinking about what just happened. I look out into the vastness of the nature. I receive the message that this is my stone, and it is my beginning. The rest will come.

My brother has since given me this same stone a number of times, always placing it in my palm. He has given it to me with a two waves engraved on it since the first time he place it in my hand. So I have researched what these waves mean.

These waves resemble the triskele three wave circle that comes from the Celtic tradition. This symbol meant new beginnings, it meant fertility, new life, reborn. It could also mean three generations such as grandfather, father and son. Or grandmother, mother and daughter. The water fire and earth. A symbol of things that come in a three.

Because the stone that my brother gave to me only had two waves on it, I believe that for me this meant that I was being reborn. A new beginning for me, the one of my spiritual journey. A new person being born, my true soul being revealed.

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