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As I start this meditation I see myself in my Native American life. I am standing on a rock, high up that looks out onto an opening of a valley of mountains. As I stand there, I meet with the warm desert wind. She comes to me and envelops me in her warm embrace, she is saying hello to me. I feel her warm feminine and light energy. I then kneel down and place me hand on the rock that I am standing on, and feel it’s energy which is very different to that of the wind. It is strong, masculine and wise.

As I look out I jump into the dip below me, and as I do I shapeshift into an eagle. I let myself be transported by the wind, in a circular motion, up into the sky. I feel the wind in my dark brown feathers, pushing me up. And as I look around I see my face. My head turns in a twitching manner, scanning every inch of the ground below me. I soar higher into the sky always in circular motions, the rock that I was standing on is below me and has become like a small dot now. Yet my eyesight is so clear and I can see every detail of the greenery below me.

The meditation then changes to a night scene, where I am a wolf in the forest. I feel my fur on my back and the bits of snow sticking to my fur. My fur is white and a light grey. My tongue is hanging out through my sharp teeth and I can see my warm breath in the cold night air. My ears are so sharp, my hearing is picking up every little detail in the forest around me.

I am waking through the wood and can see the full moon up in the sky, I am walking toward her. I can feel a pull toward her energy. I know there are other wolves around me, my pack. But I cannot see them. We are all going to the same place.

With each step I take, I can feel the thud of my paws on the ground. Each contact my paw has with the earth, resonates in my heart. I start to run and I feel the vibration of my paws going through me.

I get to an opening, where there is a rock overlooking a pool of water. It looks like a lake. The moon is above the lake, to my left. Shining bright, she illuminates the opening and her reflection is bouncing off the water from the lake. The lake has a few ripples from the wind.

As I stand on the rock I watch the moon, and howl at her, calling my pack. I love the deep blue night, the calmness of it and quietness. I love exploring during the night, I can see perfectly as if it were day. The coldness of the night is a comfort.

This visions of this vision are deep navy blue of the night, the white of the moon and my white and grey fur.

My vision then changes to back into the forest, during the day. I am a human again, my Native American self. I am with my Native American brother, he is teaching me how to shoot arrows. The foliage around us is a bright emerald green, and so is the ground. The earth is a brown colour. I can smell the leaves and forest around me, the freshness of Mother Nature.

My brother hands me an arrow head, made out of black stone. It has been carved by him, it’s jagged but has a sharp point. He places it in my palm and I look up at him, I look into his brown eyes. They are a wonderful almond shape, as I look into them I see kindness, wisdom and truth. We stand looking into one another for a minute. He then points to where I should be shooting my arrow. I lift my bow and arrow and aim, letting the arrow go. As I do so, the vision follows the arrow. I see the arrow from its side, travelling through the trees which disappear and become one big green background. As the arrow travels, it morphs into a Jaguar. The jaguar is a black one with bright green yellow eyes. It runs, just as fast as the arrow was travelling. I see my legs move from in to out, my paws barely touch the ground. I have one focus, one aim, one destination: that is forward.

Finally I am asked to come out of my meditation from my teacher, so I thank my brother and tell him I will see him again soon.

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