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Pleidia - astral travelling

I asked my spirit guide to come forward. He entered the room as a tall man with blue skin.

I asked him to give me a sign so that I knew it was him. He gave me his hand and he said he was going to take me to our home.

First of all he gave me an energy of light. It came in the shape of a ball. It is always placed in my right hand. He placed it here and I felt it was heavy and it’s strong very strong pure energy.

I bought my hand up to my chest and as I did my hand wobbled from the energy coming from the light ball.

As my hand comes up to my heart chakra I extend my fingers to open my palm, so that I can let go of the ball. The ball travels up, and then explodes expanding into a million white light particles. Like raindrops of light. They expand like ripples in the stratosphere. The keep going and going like the waves of an explosion until they hit everything they come into contact with them disperse into the air. This ball is mine. It’s my ball of white light energy. It is a ball that my guide has introduced to me now and I am to use whenever I need to expand the love beyond my physical walls. When I feeling the Earth plane is in need of love, I am to use this ball. It sits inside my heart and I can call upon it when needed.

After I have released the ball, my guide takes my hand and we travel up, into the cosmos. When we get there I feel so light, I hear the quiet of the cosmos and the peace I feel when there.

My guide shows me a lot of symbols, geometric ones. They come in flashes, so fast that I cannot see them. They are blue and yellow. He also shows me faces. Different faces of men and women. These are lives that I have lived since leaving Pleidia.

He then takes me to our home, our star planet. When we land it is such a beautiful sight, the planet has a pink purple tint to it. The flowers water and nature are so much more vivid than earth. The sounds also. The water there is so pure and pinkish yellow. When I look up to the sky, I can see another planet just next to us. The sky is purple and the planet is a pink colour.

Our home is very peaceful. There is no threat or badness there. The only threat is the one that the earth will not feel love. Which is why we are sent here.

My guide then wants to take me somewhere, to meet someone special he says. Who is waiting for me.

We go into a deep blue and indigo blue place. Someone is sitting at what looks like an altar. He is so white I cannot see him. He has a strong white light coming from him which emanates strongly. It’s almost blinding. But I can see st the centre, a being. He is sitting there with his hands on the arms rests. He is waiting for me. My guide holds my hand and guides me closer to him. This being is our leader. He is the one that chose for me to go and I agreed. He is a highly developed being who has lived for millions of years. My soul is also an old one but about 800 younger than his.

As we enter, my guide always holding my hand says, we have someone here for you. The leader steps down from his chair and comes toward me and says “one of our guardians, our warriors” referring to me because I am on earth as that. When he comes closer to me I put my right hand out and my ball is there. He puts both his hands on my light energy ball. Them my guide lets go of my hand as the energy ball must be only my energy and if he is holding my hand it will take his too.

The leader asks me to put my hand on my heart to channel the love. When I do, he channels his energy into the ball, all the light he has around him is transferred to the ball and it shines like an explosion of light into the stratosphere. This is the leader channelling the energy into the ball. when he does this, I feel so much pure divine love in my heart and my entire body being and soul. It’s like a recharge of divine energy. Higher than what I am. It is so powerful that I begin to cry. But my pleidian body is smiling and feeling euphoric.

The leader then let’s go and says this ball is a powerful one, and to be used on Earth. It is to channel what we have here and what is lacking there. Not everyone has these bit I am given one because I have a duty I have been chosen to teach on Earth. This is why my right hand hurts. It’s the ball telling me something needs to be done or something is right.

The leader then shows me his face, he is smiling at me and I can see his divine love. He then goes back to his altar.

My guide takes my hand and we go to a pool of water. Where there is a waterfall. He shows me a purple flower and I can see it’s pure energy vibrating out of it. He says nature is vibrating at the same energy that your energy ball is at, all the time. I can see the flowers energy like little white ripples emanating out of it. They only emanate for about 2-5 centimetres away from the flower. The energy of the ball can be sent for over 50 miles away. But this is the pure energy it holds. Only Mother Earth has this energy and it comes from the divine centre of the earth and the divine cosmos.

I look at him and understand. He tells me now we must go so we leave my home and fly out to the cosmos where it is deep blue again and quiet and so light. It’s also quite cold but I don’t feel the cold.

When I am coming closer to the earth I ask him his name and he gives it to me something like sactal. He also shows himself to me. I see him as tall and blue with blonde hair. He is always smiling at me.

He shows me myself as an pleidian too. I have blue skin and big big eyes. High cheekbones and a strong jawline. I have grown hair tied back and wear a band across my forehead. I am tall and have long fingers, with no nails. They are alien like. I look down at my hand and it is blue with long fingers.

I come back into my body and know we will travel together again. I thank my guide and come back

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