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Native American meditation

The meditation starts with me in an open field with my native american brother. The field has high yellowish grass, and a line of fir trees to my right. Behind those trees was a river. My brother and I were sitting down, eating. I then asked him "How can I be like you?" He replied by giving me a stone that had a waa engraved on it. The stone is dark grey and smooth. It fits into my palm, like a pebble. The wave was white (chalk).

He said "Be like the water. Strong like the water, calm like the water." He then flew into the sky above me, taking his eagle form. I ran to find a river, when I found one that was strong and rough I stopped and observed it. I felt its energy. I stood there and thought about being transported by that water,what it would feel like. Powerful, strong.

I then ran to find a calm shallow river, I observed it and felt its energy. I then lie down in the water. With my hands down beside me, holding my stone. My hair was flowing peacefully with the calm current. This was what it felt like to be calm like the water.

I got out of the river, and thanked it for teaching me.

I looked up and saw my brother flying above me. I understood what it was like to be like him, I learned the lesson he wanted to show me.

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