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Mermaid and Phoenix encounter

I start by going down I to the sea. A blue mermaid comes to me, she takes my hand and takes me down into the depth of the ocean. She is entirely blue. Her skin is blue and scale Like. She has gills in between her fingers. Her hair Is wavy and big. There is so much of it it covers her face, it’s like her seaweed or her coral. Her own barrier reef. She is very delicate and us big eyes, they are smiley and reassuring. She is curious and knows the waters, she wants me to see them too. She takes my hand and we go deep into the depth of the ocean. On the bed of the ocean, it is so much darker, there are stone pillars. This is her home. Other mer folk live here too. She shows me around and as we swim I feel the thick cold water against me. The pressure of the ocean, envelops me. It’s like a hug, I feel the oceans energy. It’s a very still and calm one. It’s a feminine energy which is tranquil and kind. It welcomes me and is overjoyed to have a visitor.

The mermaid shows me my white light energy ball, it is there in the water, shining. She says it can come here to recharge. To be closer to the earths centre. To feel the Earth and connect. She says my energy ball has the energy of the ocean in it. This is what she wanted me to feel, the deep calm energy of the ocean.

I thank her for this.

The meditation then changes scenery and I am with an Indian old man who is wearing yellow. He has old wrinkly skin and long white hair up in a bun. He has a beard too that covers his lips.

We are in his land, we are high up in the mountains. I look out and can see vast nature for miles. To my left, behind him, is a temple. This is his temple. He is standing in front of me.

He tells me that we are channels, we meditate to channel our gods, our guides. We do not meditate for ourselves like the people here do. We do it so that we can transport the message. I am a messenger, like he was.

He then shows me a red bird, a very big bird. As I get closer it reveals itself and I see it is a Phoenix. He is showing me a Phoenix because his is a bird that goes through rebirth. This is a symbol for me. This is what I am doing. And this is what we do when we travel, when we meditate. We channel the guides and we are rebirth on so many levels: we are reborn with new information, new insights, new emotions, new views. All of these we are to Tesh ans transport into this life. We transport it like the Phoenix does, in flight. Through our wings of knowledge. I see my lungs breathing in the fresh divine light which is yellow. My lungs breath slowly and I am filled with the yellow light.

I then see the energy of source, travelling to my epicentre. My heart chakra. It is a bright yellow light. This light travels in the motion of two wings, like waves back and forth. To me and back to source and so forth. This image then turns into a golden bird, which is in flight. i see it taking off, the bird has a massive spread of wings and as he flies, the wings are golden and leave behind steaks of red.

I’ve seen this bird before, when I am walking it presents itself to me. It has the shape of an eagle, with these wings that I see flying. This age is followed by the wings being my own. I see myself walking and the wings are on my back, they are big and white gold yellow with orange red tips, when I walk of the energy that comes from them leaves a steak behind me. This streak is for whoever is walking around me. It is an energy that is transmitted to them, whether they know it or not, it is given to them. Some people see and feel it, some may feel it at some point in their life when they are ready.

Seeing my wings in this way, is very comforting. I know they are there. They are very warm and divine. They are always with me.

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