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Meeting Vishnu


am in a forest in India. I am lying down on the ground by a river. The foliage is very green and I can hear the birds singing.

Then I stand up and a spirit guide came to me. His skin was blue, he is tall and wears a lot of gold jewellery. He spoke to me and said come with me. We walked by the river, which was lined with trees. Then we came to a mountain and she pointed at it. Vishnu says this is your mountain to climb. This is what you are facing now. I felt overwhelmed as it was a big mountain. But he put his hand on my back and guided me up and stayed st the bottom whilst I climbed.

When I was climbing and looking back, she was sitting there watching me, encouraging me on. I felt reassured that she was there and continued even if it was hard. Then once I got to the top, I stood up and looked out to the opening. The top of the mountain had incredible views and i could see the sea and the sun rising. The sun gave a wonderful pink tint to the sky and birds flew by me. They were so close to me

I looked down at him and he said: you see what you can achieve and what you can see once you climb the mountain. It's all yours. What you can see and the peace you feel, it's a result of your hard work.

I smiled at him and said you are right.

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