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Meeting Tibetan monk guide

The spirit guide was a Tibetan monk, wearing a cream and red robe and no hair. We were in the Himalayas.

I was on a concrete platform with him. It was an open platform which was also in the middle of the forest and looked out on the tree tops and there was a lot of fog. I think it was clouds or condensation from the thick tropical forest.

The platform had a red roof and red pillars on each corner. It was part of a temple. The roof was shaped like an Asian temple.

He put his hand on my upper back and said "come my child" and he showed me the view and said this is your path. I looked right in front of me into what he was showing me and I could see myself, walking down a spiritual path. To me left was another path that he showed me: it was me walking in the corporate world, in an office environment, wearing smart clothes. I looked like someone who has autism: there was no purpose of life in my eyes. And I was surrounded by dense fog. In fact, the entire oath was filled with fog.

He didn't say anything to me but he just said look at that path and that's what I saw. I realised that wasn't what I was supposed to do.

This spirit guide was very gentle, he slowly guides me and is very strong and wise. He has lived in the Himalayas his entire life and became a monk at a very young age, about 8. He doesn't say much with words, but mostly with his eyes and soul. That is the way he communicates.

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