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Meeting red desert wind

This was the first time I met the red desert wind. I firstly saw her face, a woman's face with woman's features. Her face was made out of lots of little tiny particles of red, orange and yellow sand. Around her spun a tornado of red sand. Just enough for me to still see her through the sand particles spinning around her. She then showed her full self to me, I saw her full body: a very long body with a feminine shape. She was very graceful, warm and feminine. She showed me where she came from, I saw red desert dunes for miles and miles, nothing but red sand. She loves being there, alone. She has all the space to herself, and runs along the dunes making shapes with the sand.

Her message to me was that we would meet on my journey to Mexico, and when we did, I was to listen to her as she had a message for me.

I have written the message she gave to me in another post. She came to me during my trip to Tulum, I recognised her energy when she came across. Her wind is a warm one, it's a slow and peaceful wind. She comes slowly, from behind me. I feel her presence. I look up at the leaves as she passes through them, moving them. Talking to me. Greeting me, telling me she has arrived. I feel that familiar energy and greet her back with a smile. As I look up, I see the leaves move I see their vibrations I see their energy. I see the sunlight shining on them, bouncing between them, creating shadows and shapes that all have a meaning. This meaning is the energy of the sun. They are a medium for the sun to transmit its energy, which is its message.

I then feel the wind again who comes back from the opposite direction. I stop and look into the trees and palm leaves. I see the wind moving everything as she passes, I see her coming as she slowly moves the leaves as she walks thorough walking towards me. When she comes past me I feel such calmness tranquility and pure love. I start to cry. She passes by me and stands behind me. I keep watching the same spot where she just passed, watching all the nature that she activated with her energy as she passed. I see the vibration on each leaf, I see however leaf gives energy to the earth vibrating all on the same level. Resonating with one another. Talking to one another. Giving energy to the earth, to us, as humans here. They work so hard for us to give us the purest of what we can have. Yet so many of us disrespect Mother Nature. But Mother Nature is forgiving and will always love us unconditionally. I finally touch the trees and the leaves there in front of me, their energy travels through me. It is so calming and grounding. I thank Mother Earth, the universe and the warm red wind for everything they give me and everything I see with these eyes. They smile back at me.

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