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Meeting Archangels

My body starts to sway as if I am in a hammock. I see purple light as I travel up. I feel the divine light and start to feel so pure.

The first archangel I meet is Uriel.

Uriel: purple light: heart chakra

Told me that I am on earth to speed love. I asked how I can do that and if there is anyone specific who needs help with love. He said the only person I can show love to is myself. I must love myself whilst I am here. So that my light can be strong. This light is for others to see. I must spread the divine love. His light was pink a calm pink with tones of reds and lighter pinks. He was very calm, he put his hand on my upper back, in between my shoulders and guided me whilst we talked. He opened his hands and showed me the earth, showing me how much love was missing. The earth does not see divine love, but there are people like me on earth who are there to spread this love.

He told me that someone is trying to get in touch with me. They will soon. He didn’t tell me who this person was.

The heart chakra is the symbol of this love.

The second archangel I meet is Ezekiel.

Ezekiel: yellow light: throat chakra

He was fun and lighthearted. He was yellow, a yellow gold light. With some shiny browns, like tigers eye. A lot of little particles of gold durst were floating about here. But it felt very serene, very playful. He took me by my waist and lifted me up. Said I need to be playful and fun, I need to spread this too. I need to spread joy. JOY is what he represents. This is connected to the throat chakra, which is laughter. Laughter is how we spread joy here on earth.

This archangel was both female and male.

The third archangel I meet is Raphael.

Raphael: Green light: stomach energy, root chakra.

Raphael has a wonderful powerful male energy. So much so that I was in awe of him. He is tall, with long hair. Is strong and has strong legs and feet. He has a strong green light, emerald light. Grounding, like the earth. He took my hand and led me to an opening and showed me the earth. He then kneeled down in front of me and took my hands and said that the earth is precious. The earth is grounding, it is strong like he is. I must listen to the earth. He doesn’t say much, he mostly speaks with his energy and presence. He looks out to the opening and I look at him. The wind is in his hair. I say to him that I would like to stay there with him and be with him. He says I can’t, my time will come but for now I am to be on earth. I say I want to meet a human that has the same qualities as him. He said I won’t in this life, so I will have to settle for a human who vibrates at a lower level than me. We go back and he looks at me with his intense eyes and I feel his strength. He gives it to me to take with me when I need to be strong and protected, I must think of him.

This is the root chakra.

Gabriel: white light: head chakra

The fourth archangel I see Gabriel. He is sitting when I go to meet him. He doesn’t get up, but he smiles at me and beckons me over. His light is so white and pure, it’s almost blinding. He is shining very bright. He is very very pure, very close to god. He is the angel of divine light, of protection. He tells me I must protect my head chakra, and hovers his hand over the top of my head. He says to me that I am very special. I was once there with them, learning and getting ready to go down to earth. I spent a lot of time learning with them. Now I must put what I learned in practice.

Lastly I see Archangel Michael, who is very familiar to me. He has a familiar energy and comes with a powerful indigo blue light. He stands above all the archangels and his winds are massive, they spread out and are almost spread out over all of the other 4 archangels who are still there, standing below him. They are all looking at me, sending me their energy.

Archangel Michael says: i told you we were here for you. I reply, yes you did Michael. He says now you’ve met us all, you may call upon us. He says I must go now but I can come and visit whenever I want. I see the purple light fading as I travel back down to my human body, it fades and I am so sad to return. I want to stay with them. But I know i must come back. I thank them all.

I am back in my body.

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