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Learnings from Yucatan Peninsula

What have I learned from my journey to the peninsula Yucatan?

That love is eternal, and it is something that can be transmitted form one human being to another. Asa vibrational energy, as the emotions we feel in the 5th realm. It is a way of communicating, something that we carry inside us. It is given and received through the heart chakra. The love that is felt and given her is pure love from the heart, that is given without any expectation. This is something that is totally different to the love humans feel and give in Europe. The difference is that the love that is vibrating over there is a superficial love, one that doesn’t come from the heart but comes with human expectations. Such as returned emotions, possessions, material things. This is because the humans in this area of the world vibrate at a lower energy. One that is conditioned by materialistic aspects. One that is driven by the ego. This blocks the heart chakra energy flow and stops the higher self being able to communicate with the human self. This is why this area of the world is less advanced, and in need of more help, more light. More lightworkers will naturally gather over there, as much work is needed to be done.

The love that is felt here is not only the love for other human energies, other souls. But the love and understanding of Mother Earth, and all that she gives to this physical realm. There is love flowing towards her, therefor she is able to give back. This creates positive energies and means that humans here are less sick, and less poor. As they hear and respect her, she gives back to them in terms of connection. This is what creates human happiness, understanding and growth. Humans here are able to listen to their higher selves and be more in touch with their higher purpose and path here on the 3rd realm. This is why humans here are more humble, understanding, happier. This is the route to happiness. The energy I feel here is one in which the world of today needs to be moving into and it will, but it will take at least a decade for the modern west to catch up and learn from the east.

Another aspect that naturally follows this love is respect and honesty. Here there is no such a thing as negative sucking energies who create crime. It is something that occurs, but much less than what is experienced in the West. This is because the love vibration that is felt here, means people are communicating from the heart. And the heart is not capable of dishonesty and mal respect.

The feeling here is one of freedom, whereas the west is bound by obligations, money, greed and personal glory. The ultimate truth is for our soul to be free, once it is free our journey here is complete. We have learnt all we have to learn here. From negative comes positive, but this is something that humans in the west have a difficulty to learn. This is something that I must bring to the west and this is what I have seen and learned from this experience.

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