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Lead woman energy protection

This energy came to me presenting herself standing. She has a very elongated body. Long limbs and very long head, almost alien like. She has no colour, is black. She is made out of a very heavy and strong material, like lead. She is standing, she has one hand placed by her groin and the other on her heart. both her hands are flat and she has one pointing down and the other pointing up. She has the colours of the 7 chakras behind her head. And around those is a big white circle. I ask who she is as she stands still, not moving.

As she speaks she keeps still. She tells me that she is an energy that will protect me from negative energies. She shows me how:

I see myself walking in the city, she is following me. She is massive in size. When a negative energy comes my way,, she cuts its flow with her lead hands, which are very heavy. She holds her hands there for a couple of seconds to protect me. When the negative energy flow is cut and disappears, she lifts her hands and keeps doing the same as I walk about my day. She says I can call upon her whenever I need as she will help me with the heavy energies that are in the city.

I thank her and see her standing in the same position with her hands by her groin and heart. She has big black eyes that don’t blink and is hard to see any expression but i know she is smiling at me.

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