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Hospital room passing

This vision takes place in a hospital room. It is different from my other visions, as it takes place in the here and the now. I am on the hospital bed and am reaching the end of my journey on this earth plane. My body is tired and has white hair. Beside me is my daughter who has brown hair. She is in her 50s. I am seeing this vision as a spectator.

As I take my last breath I see my soul leave my body. As it lifts up, I see three rows of angels and spirits that have passed and I knew during my living life standing in the room. They are all opposite my bed. They stand there and are waiting for me. The message they give me is that I have lived a fulfilled life and have accomplished a lot and they are proud. They are there to welcome me and take me home. My audience that have watched me during my living life that I can finally meet!

I feel so much calmness and divine love coming from them, I embrace their realm as I pass over.

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