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Egyptian meditation

The meditation starts in the setting of a desert. I am standing in the middle of nowhere and it is night. The sky is dark, filled with stars. I can see the full moon shining to my left. It’s very big and close to the earth. I can feel it’s energy.

It is quite warm where I am standing, even though it is night. I am in a desert of orange-ish sand. To my left is a pyramid. It’s sitting just under the moon, the blueish light shines and I can make out it’s shape. The moons light is strong enough for me to see everything. There is a warm wind, which lifts up some sand around my feet.

I am a young adolescent, about 12. I have dark skin and dark hair. My hair is cut in a short and sharp bob shape, I am male. I am only wearing a cream linen shirt with three quarter length sleeves and a loincloth.

I am not alone, there is a man with me. He also has dark skin, and is also wearing a cream linen loincloth. His head is that of an animal, it’s brown I think it’s a wolf or a dog. It’s definitely a mammal. When we are alone here he shows me his true form with this animals head but he can take the form of a human.

He takes both my hands and greets me by bowing down, still holding both my hands he stretches his arms out to his left and right, creating a T shape with his arms and torso. This is a way of greeting one another. The Egyptians are very tactile.

After we greet, I put my right hand up in an L shape up to the sky. I frame a cluster of stars with my fingers. I then ground my right foot in the sand. Then point my left arm to the moon in a straight horizontal line, and look up. Above me is a very bright star, which I think is the North Star. The god says to me, this is how I know that I am perfectly aligned. Our pyramids are build using the constellations as a reference.

He then says to me he wants to take me somewhere. He says tomorrow we will go and meet our queen. When I wake up the god has changed into a human form, we walk through the streets of the city. All the buildings are white. The streets are busy with people walking in many directions, the red sand is creating clouds as people walk, it’s lifting into the air. The sun is very hot and so is the air. We walk through a market, and there are people sitting on the floor who watch us walk by.

We walk up the steps to the queens royal palace. When inside, we enter a long rectangular red room where cleopatra sits on a gold throne at the end. There are many of her servants to her right and left, I think about 4 or 5. We walk down the long room, approaching her.

My god greets her and introduces me. She stands up and greets me in the same way the god did, holding both my hands. She then sits back down.

I don’t speak, I don’t know what to say. She asks one of her servants to give me something. He hands me a ceramic beetle. It is heavy and cold, it is turquoise with thin gold lines outlining his wings and details of his body. She says this is for you to keep. I look at it, it’s as big as my palm. She then asks me where I am from, I say the sky. She laughs and says she likes me and wants me to come again.

We then leave the red room. We are outside on the streets again with the sun beaming down. Once outside, I ask my god why there is poverty on the streets and gold inside the palace? He kneels down to get to my eye level and says: because there is an in balance on the earth. One day, the earth will be balanced. You are to bring this balance to the earth. He turns the beetle around and under its body there is like a zig zag line, he traces the lines and says: you are one price of the puzzle, which in millions of years to come will come together and will form balance on earth. There are more like you, but not many. You are gifted with this task. The little boy in me is clueless as to what he is talking about but I myself in this life know what he is trying to tell me. I stare back at him with the beetle open in my palm. He says that when I am needing direction, answers or reminding of my task, I am to ask the beetle god and he will help me.

We are now again in the night setting as we were at the beginning, where it is al quiet and the stars and moon shine above us. My god has now turned back into his original form of human body and mammal head. We stand in front one another. I am still looking at the beetle in my hand. There is a lever that I can press on his back, in between his wings, that opens up the underneath part. Where the zig zag lines are. I press it down and say as he is opening (physically) he is expanding (spiritually). He is learning. In this instance the beetle is me. As I open up I expand. As I expand I learn. As I learn I balance. As I balance I open.

The god is looking at me and smiling, we look at one another for a few minutes. Then he leaves in a very quick flash of light, and I see a star appear in the night sky straight in front of me. I know that that is him.

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