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Connecting with my Indian past life

I found out that I lived as an Indian and was killed young. I was close with my father and had a lovely childhood. But when I reached my teens I was chased and killed. My heart was beating and I was so scared. But when I died and my soul left by body I was so peaceful and so happy. A smile came to my face. I went up to the light and saw god. In my house as a child, we had that statue with 8 arms which I used to touch.

Then I went back.

I saw my blue spirit guide again in my life as an Indian. He came to me a lot, went to the market with me whilst i bought spices and walked back to my home with me. I was very poor my home was just a hut. The floors were made out of cobbled stones which were cold.

I could see my guide who was very kind and protective of me. He spent a lot of time protecting me in that life.

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