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I channelled my number one guide for the first time on February 17th 2018. My guide is my brother, a Cherokee native Indian.

Lindsley asks for my 5th dimensional being to please step back. I feel very giggly when she asks this. I feel them stepping further away from me, from my back. To give me some space. Lindsley then asks my main guide to please step forward, and stand to my right. She then asks me to feel into my guide, feel their presence. Then she asks the guide to step to my left, and finally behind me. She asks me if i can feel my guide, and I say yes. He is standing tall, he is young probably about 36/37. He is wearing a loin cloth as he always does and bare chest with red bead necklaces around it. His feet are bare and has red and turquoise anklets on each ankle. He has feathers on his head, which when he comes to me I see him shake. His hair is black and long down his back. He is a wonderful wise presence about him and is very protective of me. He has a strong jawline and high cheekbones, like a typical native Indian. He has dark almond shaped eyes.

Lindsley asks my guide to bring forward someone who has passed whom is close to her or a volunteer. Suddenly my hands feel incredibly heavy. As I say this I see a young boy carrying a large rock. He carries it back and forth, building something. He is about 25 and is wearing light beige trousers and a brown hat with a loose blouse shirt. The sun is hot on him and I feel breathless. My hands continue to feel heavy. This is his job, he works here everyday and whatever money he makes goes back to his parents and sisters. This is taking place by the sea in Europe, it may be on the coast of Brittany or south of england. Lindsley asks me how I know all of this, am I seeing it or do I just know it. I say both.

She then asks my guide to tell me why he is showing me this. I get no answer. We fast forward 20 years and the boy is now a 45 year old man, who is married but has no children. He lives a lonely life, in his little house in the same place he grew up. He feels sad, and unaccomplished. All this life he knew he had something to do, something to accomplish, yet he did not know what. He always felt there was something missing. He used to look out to the sea, and wonder what it was that was missing from this life. He had a job and a family who loved him, but why did he feel a calling to do something more? And what was it? He died in that life not knowing.

My guide now tells me why he is showing this to me: it is because this man, in Brittany, felt the way I felt until not long ago. I can sympathise with this feeling he died with, but I am lucky enough to be awakened. To know what I know, why I am here. And most of all, what the calling is. My guide shows me this because there are many people still feeling like this man did. I see an image of a clock, the timing in which we are activated. The timing in which I was awakened, and I was lucky to. Some do not know that they are being activated and are too scared, so I am to guide them through this activation. And I am to teach them, to show them the light and bring it to them. Lindsley asks how I am to do this, my guide replies “by interacting (with them)” the vision then finishes and Lindsley asks my guide to step forward. Into me. I am aware My Native American brother is using my body as a channel, a vessel to communicate. I feel very strange, different from Normal. My eyelids are flickering and my heart beats differently. The room suddenly feels like it is expanding.

Lindsley asks my Native American guide what may we call you, he says we may refer to him as brother. She asks him if we were in a life together. My brother confirms we were, as brother and sister in that life. Lindsley asks if we were brother and brother or brother and sister. Brother replies that I see it as brother and sister. Lindsley asks whether we lived together in any other lives, to which brother replies no only that one. And that after that one he stayed with me and has always been with me.

Lindsley then asks how I as the medium am to teach what he just showed us. How can I help others. Will it be through writing, videos, one to one or group readings. My brother replies that I will be talking both one t one and in group to teach others. Lindsley then asks if I should be recording what he shows me. Brother says yes and that I am. Lindsley laughs and says I don’t know why you need me, you are doing so well on your own! My brother says that this medium needs a sanctuary where she can feel safe to channel. Lindsley says she can always come here, she is welcome. My brother thanks Lindsley. Brother says I lead her here, she does not know what she is capable of. Lindsley asks how can I help others get over their fear? My brother says that I am to help humans cross over the bridge. They must cross over on their own, but I can stand at the other end and show them what light looks like. I see an image of a blossom tree, and a woman standing under it, the blossom is falling on her and she feels pure love and wonder. This is what I can make them feel.

Lindsley says this is what we are trying to do on earth and that her herself has only become aware of it recently, since she has started to work there. My brother says to her ”I see you my child, and I thank you for all the work you are doing here.” Lindsley thanks my brother and says she tries her best and it is not always easy but she knows she is also has a task here. My brother says to her “you had no choice” to which Lindsley laughs.

Lindsley asks whether I should be reading any books, my brother says “there is no need. Reading is something that can be done but it may distract the energy. This medium is to work with people” Lindsley then says she thinks I am to work with healing not only of the body but of the mind. Mental health and trauma. My brother says “yes, she has been put through it to experience it so that she can teach.” Lindsley says she thought this would be the case.

Lindsey then mentions the earth healing that she does, and if it would be beneficial for me to take place. My brother says “she is an Earth healer, and can speak to Mother Earth. I have shown her this many times. But she doesn’t believe in herself and is scared to teach. This is why she needs to be here.” Lindsley says would it be helpful for her to channel and earth heal once a week. Can she do these together or must they be kept separate? Brother says “these need to be kept separate but it what you say is correct, she must channel and earth heal more often.” Lindsley says that there are also many other beings that we communicate with, like earth beings. Brother says “this medium feels and communicates with those too. They have much to teach.” Lindsley says that they hope to one day see them. Brother says “they are very shy beings. They only come to those they trust. They do not communicate in words, but in emotion. So those who see them must be advanced on their journeys to interpret them.”

Lindsley says there are also the animal beings, that we can communicate with. Also geometric sign, she says she will share something with my brother. A lady called Laura who emits genitrice symbols from the palms of her hands and they come out when she walks, she is emitting them to the earth. My brother says “I see these signs, these are ones that come from the Mother Earth” Lindsley says that this same lady works with an eagle, who spreads these healing symbols and the healing over the earth and also a condor which flies lower and deposits the healing into the trees and the valleys. My brother says “yes these animals are powerful ones, ones that we used in my time to help and guide us. Animals carry messages for us, we just have to learn how to read them. And this is why I always show my medium the eagle, which spreads its wings and soars high.” Lindsley says yes the eagle is a powerful being. My brother says he is the eagle and the bear. Lindsley says I can see you are in complete control of your medium. My brother says because she trusts me.

Lindsley then thanks my brother for coming to day. He says thank you for your work. She then asks him to step back and so he does. I am in void for a minute till I come back to the room and my eyes hurt, my legs and arms are weak. When I can see again, I see that Lindsley has been crying.

I have learned that I am not to be a medium but to teach and give information and help those who are lost to cross over to the light side and lead them. The bear is a symbol of leadership and the eagle of the messenger of the creator. Therefor I am to bring the message from the other side to earth and lead them to the light.

Lindsley also says that she has been told my Archangel Micheal that I am able to do telekinesis.

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