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Archangel Michael energy clearing

I received a message today from archangel Michael.

He told me that I should be more careful when doing my grounding and protection when I out and about. He said we would like to you be more careful when you are doing your protection when you are out and about.

He told say that the energy that was attached to me was not my own. It is part of someone who has attached it to me. He said that this is something that people do, and it is very rude my dear. Because I was shining too bright and didn’t do my protection. Someone whom I met whilst “socialising” who liked the look of me and my energy. Whilst I was being told this, the medium who was telling me looked like archangel Michael to me. I did not see her body, I saw his.

He asked the energy to go and it wouldn’t. So he stood up and said to it that you can either go now or be removed. He said look at my power. The power that I have is divine, it is much stronger than yours. The black thing wouldn’t go or move. It stayed standing to my left. So Michael called upon Uriel and Ezekiel. He then grabbed the black energy and turned around, handing it to Uriel and Ezekiel. He asked them to take the energy away and remove it. It was then gone. Archangel Michael says that he is now going to give me some protection. He is putting a white crystal bubble outside my golden energy protection and then another white smokey bubble after that. So that I am enveloped in three bubbles of protection. He says he will also put his blue cloak around my golden energy sphere so that I don’t shine so bright. I see him put the blue cloak over me and I felt at ease. I felt the room expand two or three times bigger than it was. As I closed my eyes another guide came through.

This guide is the mediums guide. He is also from a star constellation. He said to me you know now you are a star being. You come to earth with a task. That task is a divine one. You will have the help of the energies of your realm, that are beyond the 5th realm. You have chosen the white divine light by coming here and banishing the dark light. He said there is only love where we come from.

You are of divine energy and are here on earth to teach. There are lightworkers that are here on this earth to help humans and teach humans and there are lightworkers who are here to help the earth and I am one of those.

He asks me if I have any questions.

I ask who are the beings beyond the 5th realm.

He says that these beings are energies. They are not formed like a human. And because we need to look like humans to be able to teach them, we must come in a human form. So to relate to the human form, we pass through the pleidies. He confirms to me that before entering the earth realm, I spent time in the 5th realm as a pleaidian. The reason why we transfer there is because the pleaidies are those which look most like humans. They have limbs and facial features. So before we descend onto the earth plane, we spend time there. Learning and preparing for life on Earth. But before that, where our true soul comes from, is a galaxy further away. Higher up in the realms, in the 7th. Closer to the divine.

He says what do we look like, we are about 7 foot tall and have 4 limbs but we wear a robe. Because we have to protect ourselves. He doesn’t show is face, because the area which absorbs most energy is the head. So he covers it. Because humans are so dense in energy, we must come to them in a form they understand before we can teach them. The pleidieans are fluid energy but have a bit of density in them which is why they appear with human like features. Us on the other hand, are just energy vibration.

I see what these energies look like. They are very light energies, who only have love inside them.

He says to me that at this moment in time I am studying mediumship with the joy, the Tracy. But later on you may go on to do something else. You may be taking to one person in a room, and there will be lots of other people in the room will benefit from just being in your presence. I understand what he is saying to me and speak it. He says so you understand you are a very powerful soul. I say yes.

This meditation starts in my origination planet. My star galaxy in the 7th realm. I am a white and blue light energy. I have a long body but look like an outline of a body. I do not have a face or detail like nails or hair. I am just pure energy. My head shines very bright. I am there with other energies like me. There are quite a few of us.

This galaxy is far out in the blackness of space, around me is nothing but cosmos and quiet. Pure quietness. I can feel the presence of the divine, it is not far. I have been there for millions of years, vibrating blissfully. But my energy has reached a high level now, and it has no good there for all of us know the divine love. Our task is to go down, to where the love is not felt and much is to be taught.

I am blissful here i do not want to go but I know I must. So I make the choice to go down to the next galaxy, the pleidia.

Before I go, I meet with another energy just like mine. Someone whom I know in this life on Earth. This energy says something to me, we do not talk through speech like humans. This is because we do not have a mouth. We talk through feeling and symbols. This energy in front of me lifts its arm and points its index finger out, and starts scribing into thin air. Symbols that I do not recognise come up in front of me as he scribes. They are golden and vibrate. The symbols go up into the cosmos, in a thin line, as he adds more to the line. I reply by doing exactly the same. We are saying I will see you down there.

These symbols look like swirls and lines and dots. The way they go up is a bit like when a receipt comes out of the machine. That’s the only way I can describe it.

I sense the energy of all the others around me there, it is extremely powerful. Not something that this earth plane could ever contain. It is immensely light and wise, like an energy that you feel when in the presence of a guru. But a trillion times stronger and more intense. This is why we must descend on the earth plane, because it is lacking in this pure energy.

I am now ready to go, and step out of the galaxies energy which is like a white silver sphere. There waiting for me is Archangel

Michael who tells me that he will accompany to the next galaxy. I say nothing but agree.

As we draw closer I see my next home where I will spend hundreds of years, learning and adapting to my new shift. My energy remains the same but I change in appearance. This is for my preparation to my descent on earth. Before entering the erra galaxy archangel Michael tells me he will come and accompany new down to my next realm when I am ready. I thank him. I then enter the Erra galaxy and take the form of a pleidian. I look more like a human. I look down at my hand and see my lips and eyes which are new to me. I slowly adjust and learn how to use my vibrate in the dimension I am in. I meet with other pleidians there, who are also here for the same reason. Some of them will stay here for longer and some will descend, like me. The ones that stay, stay for when we return. They ensure that the pleidia energies are kept pure so that it can be transferred to those who have come back from the 3rd plane.

I spend millions of years there, the energy and vibration is one of joy there and wisdom. The pleidians are very kind and pure. Less divine than where I come from but full of love. They carry a lot of wisdom and peace with them. It is visible in their energy field. They want to teach the earth humans how to love and love the earth. They are very connected with Mother Earth as they can relate to her. This is because she vibrates at the same energy as the pleaidies.

Pleidians don’t use speech much either, they communicate though emotion and thoughts.

I am coming to the end of my journey in the galaxy erra, and am standing st the edge of its vibrational field. Looking down at the cosmos, I can see earth and know that is where I am going next.

Before I go I channel back, further up, to the 7th realm. I want to understand what it was like being there and what I must be taking with me to the earth plane. I want to remember the divine and pure essence of my task. As I go back, I am in my purest energy state. I feel the vibration of energy in this realm. It has an immense white force. I can only describe it as a nuclear explosion. It is not an explosion, it has the same powerful energy as a nuclear explosion. When a nuclear explosion happens, the human eye cannot see. It is something that cannot be looked at because it is too powerful. In this realm, this energy exists and it can be seen and felt. That is how powerful it is.

By going back to my original state for a moment, I am able to channel it. I remember it and take it with me. I see that this is what I must take to the next realm, obviously it would not be possible to take that type of energy with me, which is why i come in the form of a human who has that energy inside and around. This way, it is easier to look at and comprehend for humans. If I am human, I can be related to.

Before I go, I meet with the master of the galaxy who reminds me of all that I have and and my task on earth. He gives me a white energy ball to take with me.

As I stand my the edge, I am with my guide. He is to my left. We face one another and he places his hand on my chest, at my heart chakra level. As he does so there is a white light made out of lots of little particles that comes from his heart chakra (pleidians have transparent blue bodies) though his right arm, into my chest, through my right arm and into a white energy ball that sits in my right hand. This is the energy of love, the pure love that comes from erra. It is all I am taking with me onto the earth plane. As this happens I look into my guides eyes. We stand there for a while transmitting the energy.

Archangel Micheal is waiting for me, outside the vibrational energy of the galaxy. My guide tells me he will be with me on my new plane.

I step out of the energy field and see Michael. He takes my hand, and we pause for a moment. He looks at me with a smile. I feel his grandeur and angelic beauty. We pause. Then we leave to go to the earth plane.

All the while during this meditation, images come and go, as these realms are nothing like the one on earth. Energy is constantly shifting and taking new forms and colours. I am seeing purples, blues, whites, pinks and yellows. The images I see are such of wings, symbols that i do not recognise and energy fields. I drop in and out of the earth plane, seeing animals and then back to the cosmos. All of this is happening simultaneously. However this is not a state of confusion, it is astral travelling.

With me I have taken my original state of vibrational energy, that of the divine nuclear white power so to speak. And that of the pleidians, the wisdom and kindness for the earth. I have travelled from the 7th dimension to the 6th and 5th, where I stopped in erra. Now the 3rd is where I take my form of a human. But it is remarkable that I remember my journey, as not many of us do.

Lastly I see myself in my current human form. My energy field has expanded. It is much bigger than what i originally thought.

I see my human body, outside it and behind it floats the pleidian body which is much much bigger than a human one. I am now able to make the comparison. The pleidian form against a human is like placing a bus next to a smart car. This energy field is blue and purple.

Then behind the pleidian body is my original vibrational state of energy. It is white and goes out into green. It is seen to me as a being with 4 limbs but no definition, it comes and goes almost shining in and out. Around it, it has a very vast sphere of white light. This is my divine light. This is what some see, when they see my truth. Some humans sense it, but do not know what it is.

My energy field is around these three vibrational beings. It is comparable to the size of a barn house.

I finish the meditation and thank my pleidian guide, Archangel Michael and the cosmos. I close my chakras, leaving my root chakra slightly open, visualising my roots travelling to the epicentre of Mother Earth where it is hot pure energy. Once my roots reach the centre, the yellow light travels back up into my body and into my golden protective sphere. It shines and light bolts travel through it, protecting me.

I am back in my body.

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