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The Beginning

I am creating this blog so that I can log and record my soul journey and purpose here on Earth. I am using it primarily for myself at present because I need to collage my visions all in one place. However if these are of an inspiration to you, I am grateful.This vision takes place in the space, in the cosmos. Surrounded by stars, this is my home. This is where I feel safe. It is calm tranquil and far away from anything human, only divine beings are here. Getting ready to travel to the earth plane.I see Michael, he is tall and has big wings. He is surrounded by indigo blue light. It is my time to go. Michael kneels down in front of me and I see his face, I feel his energy and I feel the divine love. It is so pure and so loving, like nothing on this planet. He is so powerful and safe. He is like home. He tells me he is always with me and places his hand on my heart: he says I am a place of the divine light and I need to go to earth and spread it. I need to teach and help the people. He says we will see each other soon and he will be by my side always. I see his divine blue light all around us. My yellow orange light is there too. It emanates from my heart, and spreads out like rays of light, like the sun. To those who need help and who need reminding of love. These people cannot see me but their souls can sense the rays of light and that makes our paths meet. I am here to help these people. I have a purpose on this earth. Michael tells me I am one of his angels, I am special. I go and leave the space to come on earth.I tel Michael I miss him, when can I come home. He tells me when I have completed my task here. I ask him if I will remember this life, he says I have had many lives. Many of them I do not remember because I did not become enlightened as a human. In this life I have become enlightened and so I will remember buts of it in my next life. I to return to the earth plane again in my next life. I am not ready to travel to the next plane yet. I ask Micheal whether I was enlightened in all my lives. He shows me he lives in which I was enlightened. Unfortunately I did not realise who I was in all my lives, which is why I had to keep coming back. The lives in which I was enlightened were:Native American womanEdwardian womanChinese girlForest manIn all of these lives I felt very lonely. I spent a lot of time dreaming and searching for life.The Native American woman was a very strong one, but she was alone after her brother left her. This led her on her spiritual path and she had many visions with her brother. He was and still is my totem. My spirit guide.The Edwardian woman felt trapped and lonely. She knew she was alone but did not know why. She died alone and wondering. She knew there was something beyond. She found comfort in the darkness of the night and the fire of the flames.The Chinese little girl was a light soul, she came in this world knowing. She could see and sense things as I do in this life. She connected with nature and butterflies. Pink and green were colours for her. She was close with her father.The forest man was a hunter in the northern countries. The first thing I saw was a deers face. He connected with these animals. He spent a lot of time in the forest on his own, connecting with animals and nature. He could hear the trees as I do in this life now. He would look up at the trees in the forest and see them swaying, they would talk to him. He spoke to the ground, the earth. He was blonde with a beard. He was a northern man. He was peaceful and strong.These are the lives in which I was enlightened. And these are the ones I can remember to this day, but there are more for me to remember. The number of lives I have had are countless.I am sent here on earth to help people. To show them love and open their heart chakra. I am here to bring them the divine love, humans do not know how this feels. When humans see my physical self they see there is something more but they do not know what it is. This is why there are people who I meet which are horrible to me from the start. These are souls who have spent many many years on the earth plane and do not want to learn. Feel threatened by the divine light and so push it away. I realise this now. I can see these souls from a mile.Michael tells me that he is with me all the time and I may travel with him whenever I want. He calls me his child.I see the people I am meant to be helping now. I tune into different people and experience their soul.I do not see any lightworkers amongst these people. Nobody for me to connect with. I am missing that.Then archangel Michael shows me in the centre of these 5 people a man. Who’s light is pink, he is someone I am going to connect with and looks like the man that I dream of. Michael tells me he will come into my life in 2-4 months. He is waiting. I join this man in the centre of the circle and hold his hands. This is a soul connection.I then thank archangel Michael for everthing he gives me. The colours in the vision are dark purple and fucsia in the cosmos. Michael is indigo blue and white he has massive angel like wings. He is tall. I am yellow and white and orange at the tips of my light. My wings are like fairies. I am short and barefooted.I see these colours so vividly. They are strong colours of different vibrations.I then thank Mother Earth. I tell her I see her and I am a piece of her. I thank the universe for everything that it has given me. I see the epicentre of the earth, it’s a bright red. As I stand on Mother Earth, the red energy shoots up into my feet. I am connected with Mother Earth. I am here to look after her as we are one. She is one of us, she is divine. I speak to her through nature, she speaks to me and I hear her. This is what my sound sensitivity is.I thank michael and tell him I will carry out my purpose here on earth and represent the divine. I feel him smiling. He takes my hand.I tell them I will be back but must now return to my body. I leave the cosmos and come back to earth, to my body here in flat 120. I wake up and my eyes are dizzy. The colours are so spent here compared to there. This is the divine.I ask myself how so much divine light can fit into one human being. It is only a small piece of the divine light as this would never be able to be received on the earth plane. It is too much light and too much purity and love to come here. But I see he divine light and know what it is. I feel it when I meditate. It is what takes me home.

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