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Fairy Meditation

This is the queen I met this evening. She is all white, a bluish white. Her hair is white and so is her skin. She has big blueish wings. She doesn’t walk but floats and surrounding her is a white mist that continuously moves. She has long fingers which are cold but she is very calm and warm. She is extremely beautiful. She doesn’t talk through voice but through her eyes.

She kneels down in front of me and delicately places her cold thin hands on mine, and looks into my eyes. She introduces herself and asks me to come with her. Looking at her I see her soul her beauty, it is very delicate bit powerful. Being around her is like being around an angel. Her beauty is almost blinding.

She doesn’t wait for an answer and stands up, starts to walk away with her back turned to me. I can see her big wings. I don’t follow her as I’m not too sure what to make of her. She is very mysterious, and doesn’t give much away. She is very delicate and mesmerising. Being around her is very captivating. She looks back at me and gives me a slight smile. So I get up and go with her. She doesn’t take my hand but waits till I am by my side, then we walk together into the forest. The forest is fresh and I can smell the leaves. It has been raining. I can see through the trees, the forest is very vast but it is not dark. I can see for miles, the green grass on the floor looks like cloves. They cover the ground. We walk in silence as she shows me the forest. She asks me if I can hear the birds, she says to listen to them. Birds are fairies messengers. They will tell me when they are around me. Garden birds like the blackbird in particular.

She stands there looking out to the forest, I look up at her. I must admit I am confused by her. She really doesn’t give anything away. She is mysterious. That’s her way of being, of teaching. She leaves me to guess what she wants to tell me. She says this is her kingdom and I can come here whenever I want.

Then some smaller fairies arrive, about 5 of them. They are purple colour, much younger than her. They are children, they take my hand and beckon me to come with them. All the time they are laughing and giggling. They hide behind the trees. I am quite new to this playful way of being. None of my guides have behaved this way before. They run on without me and I stay behind. One then comes back and takes my hand. We then travel up, they show me their kingdom. There is a white fog energy everywhere, but this is quite normal for them. It protects them as they are so delicate. They are so mischievous, joking with me and giggling at nothing!

I then go back to the forest with them where I see myself as a fairy. I am green. I am a moss fairy. My wings are green and so is my hair and skin. I have big curly hair and also massive eyes. I’m short and very little and dainty. I don’t have anything on my feet. I jump from tree to tree. I then stop and show me a leaf, I say that this is the energy that the nature gives us. I am standing on the leaf, pointing at it. As I look closer, I can see it vibrate. Fairy me lays down and the leaf envelops me. Human me am amazed at how much I can talk to nature as a fairy.

We then jump down and go to a little stream, I dip my feet in the water and it’s cold. Fairy shows me the moss, how green it is and collecting water. This is earth and water working together, helping one another grow and living harmoniously. This is what I am!

I smell the moss and smell the earth and the freshness of the cold water. It’s so vivid and full of pure energy.

We then go back to the forest and I see the queen fairy. I see her standing with her back to me. On her back she shows me lots of Celtic symbols in a fast sequence that I cannot make sense of them. She doesn’t turn around and leaves. But I know that was a message for me, that unfortunately I didn’t know what it meant. But I will learn with time to speak their language.

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