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Ever since I was young, I always had a connection with 'that which can't be seen. Absorbing others' energies as my own and feeling what they felt, mixing it with my own feelings. I would sense someone entering a room, only to turn around and see no one physically there. All I could feel was the being's energy, like the energy you sense when you are around someone. I was 6 when this started to happen. My senses have always been very heightened, it hasn't always felt comfortable or easy. 

Because I would take on others' feelings, I felt very heavy. I was sensing my own feelings and those of others around me. I could feel what they would feel and eventually this also lead to hearing what they would think. For the first 10 years that I experienced this, I felt confused and emotionally drained. I suffered from long term depression, anxiety, panic attacks and had an eating disorder. 

Since then it has been a journey of self inquisition, reflection and observation. All the practices I now offer are ones which have supported and helped me remember along my path. 

My work is a blend of ancient techniques, powerful healing modalities and a deep connection to the spiritual realms. My array of practices have the potential to shift your energy and guide you towards a happier, fully connected life.

My work includes sound healing with channelled light language, hands on reiki multidimensional healing, crystal healing to remove stagnant blockages in the charkas, theta healing to muscle test deep ancestral patterns, breathwork to release subconscious emotions trapped in the body, soul movement to help you let go of any unwanted energy in the body.

I incorporate all of these in my soul journey sessions, soul coaching program and private retreats. 

Let's embark on the journey of discovering your true self.

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