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We work together for one hour every two weeks, giving you space in between to

soak in the insights and intuitions that emerge during the session.

6 sessions over the course of 3 months.

3 one hour readings and 3 one hour healing

Hand picked sacred items for your use

Essential oil and crystal recommendations: suggested allies for you to work with as a support on your journey of self healing and integration.

A recap list will be sent to you after each session to keep you on track.

Homework and tailored self-reflection exercises in between sessions.


Support in between sessions.

Nutrition plans available

Supporting you in your diet is important as it plays a big part in our energy, therefore

wellbeing and connection to ourselves.

Reconnect with your soul and your highest purpose so you can expand organically and with ease.

Release all the blocks, patterns, programming and stuck energies that are holding you back from shining your light.

Honour the rhythm of your moon cycle so you can harness the energy and work with it.

Work with your spirituality and incorporate this part of you into your everyday self so that you feel full of life.

We’ll work intuitively with Angel and Goddess energies, as well as your own Spirit guides to help you discover the vast support you have available to you in the non-physical reality.


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